Flamingo Years 1977 - 79

Flamingo formed in 1977 with members Robert Wilkinson and Johnny Rey playing guitars, Jody Ray playing bass, Bob Meide pounding the percussion and Joseph Behrend on keyboards. They recorded an EP record at Tracks On 5th that included the songs Smart Girl, We Do What We Like, One More Night, and one of the band's all time best songs I Remember Romance.

Star Tribune quotes: Hard edged Stones-style rock n roll. East Coast Street Anthems coupled with Midwestern Optimisim and Enthusium.

St. Paul Dispatch says: Howling and grimacing under his vacuous white sunglasses, leaping and stomping across the stage, at times crawling, beseeching on his knees, Wilkinson is an infectious inciter, one who, in the trade, is affectionately described as a "showman".

Twin Cities Reader wrote: Listeners are beginning to discover that these are exciting straightforward rock 'n' roll boys, and that their only connection with "punk-rock" lies is their obbession with the politics of "cool." The four songs on this record tell that story. "One more night, that's what I need to be with you/ One more night with you girl would be so...cool." The carnivorous chick in Flamingo's Smart Girl knows instinctually how to play with singer Robert Wilkinson's ego, how to offend his radio-activated heart: "When we were in love last night/ You forced me down/ When we got home last night/ You kicked me around/ You put me down/ Like some kind of clown."

After the EP Flamingo was released on Bigger Than Life Records the band toured the east coast playing at New York clubs including, Max's Kansas City and Peppermint Lounge.

Johnny Rey leaves to persue his own writing ventures and soon forms Johnny Rey and the Reaction.