New Name and New Faces

In 1985, the band saw changes in both its name and personnel. The band formally adopted the name fans had long-since used, The Oh’s, and welcomed new members Gary Snow (bass guitar and vocals) and Terry Braatz (guitar and vocals). In that year, The Oh’s released the album Desire and in 1986, followed Desire with their final release, Paint the Sky.

In 1986, after the success of the albums and the rigors of a national touring schedule, Behrend chose to leave the band. Before his departure, he asked Bob Burns (Quadrant, Supraluxe) to take his role on keyboards. Soon after his departure from the band, Behrend died in a much-publicized criminal tragedy that remains unsolved.

In 1988, the Oh’s members began to follow various paths to other musical endeavors, marriage, families and much more. It would be more than 10 years before any version of Flamingo / Flamin’ Oh’s / The Oh’s would re-emerge.